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Company "Premium Production" Cooperates with various banks of Kyrgyzstan, which allows you to receive new studio and transfer equipment for leasing. Several projects in different regions of the country have already been implemented through leasing. The usual advance, which is required when obtaining broadcast equipment on leasing - 40%.

Leasing – A special form of financing, a more technological and modern version of the lease, with additional financial preferences for the client. With its help, you can purchase the necessary equipment for broadcasting. Using leasing, you can upgrade or build a new hardware-studio complex and gain a competitive advantage in the market without distracting a significant portion of the company's current assets.

Financial leasing has the following advantages over leasing and purchase of equipment:

  1. You get new equipment, paying only 40% of its value;
  2. Equipment can be used immediately after making an advance and entering into a leasing agreement;
  3. After the expiration of the contract, equipment can be purchased at a minimum purchase price, taking into account its depreciation and VAT.

The transaction involves three parties: a company-lessee (your legal entity), a leasing company that provides financing and equipment supplier (Premium Production).

Leasing provides the right to use the benefits provided by law, and helps to optimize taxation for the period of the contract:

  1. Leasing helps to save working capital, since it does not require additional taxes and guarantees;
  2. All lease payments are charged to the costs of the enterprise and reduce the taxable base for income tax;
  3. Expenses for leasing are not taken into account as obligations in assessing the solvency of the company, which positively affects the balance of the enterprise, preserving its credit attractiveness;
  4. Your company, as a lessee company, can reimburse a portion of the lease payments by receiving subsidies from regional small business support structures.

Particular attention should be paid to the last point – Subsidizing. The state program for supporting entrepreneurship allows your company to reimburse up to 50% of the advance payment. Thus, the more advance payment was paid, the more it is possible to receive a subsidy.

Leasing is described in detail in the current legislation. Companies using this tool receive guarantees of security and legality of the transaction on the part of the controlling bodies.